Commercial Space Decoration

Do you want to make your office space more pleasant?

Our prints can be just the detail which you wanted for your office, restaurant, hotel or any other commercial space. Art prints by local authors available in various dimensions could be the right solution for you.

We have enabled the preparation of our prints with the latest standards and short-term development.

In the highest digital production you will receive art prints:

– Printed with digital technology directly on the foil and printing foam
– We make prints in dimensions according to your needs or according to the dimensions from our offer, it’s your choice
– Thickness from 2 to 4cm
– Immediately ready for hanging on the wall

And most importantly – we can customize the size of our prints for your space requirements.

We offer you a choice of over 60 different art works from 10 artists created in different techniques: from painting, through drawing and collage to photography.

We will prepare you a unique solution to meet your business needs, wishes and space.

Art prints will brighten up your office and bring dynamic in the space through various themes, shapes and colors.

spavaca _zupanc x4

If you are a designer or a decorator and you need an unique offer of art prints for your decorating projects, contact us i we will prepare for you an offer according to your specific ideas and needs.

Our Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: +381 69 245 63 11



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