Of colors and composition

One of my strongest beliefs is that all colors match. When I was a little girl, my sister used to tell me I looked like a circus, or half-circus. I admit, there was some truth in that.

People say I coordinate myself with the help of colors. Every part of my daily schedule is marked with certain color in the calendar, which changes depending on my mood. Of course I use marker pens in different colors, since I need to coordinate all those tones in my thoughts and the information I diligently write down in my notebook with bright covers. It is NOT all the same.

Then again, I do understand and appreciate minimalism, white spaces with just a dash of color. It doesn’t have to be all fireworks all the time, right? Colors are harmony, wide horizon and peace. Like the vast sky seen from a plane, an ocean or an endless forest.

If I could choose my dream job, it would definitely be a color specialist. Then I would give advice on when to use a particular color shade: from deciding on a new car, ceramic tiles and shoes down to nail polish.

I get a bit confused when someone tries to tell me some colors do not match. For me, black and navy blue symbolize perfect elegance, while orange and pink denote pure joy. I am glad that fashion is always searching for new sources of inspiration, so sometimes it can change someone’s opinion on color coordination.

I adore all that color mixing and matching and I see it everywhere: on the streets, book or notebook covers, food, movies, wardrobe. And most of all I love the unexpected twists, accents, the little visual drama you discover if you look close enough. These are the moments when my heart jumps with joy because of the right amount of something unpredictable, unique and just a little bit imperfect, instead of the harmony and concordance which can, quite frankly, become slightly boring.

I feel that every color and shade find us when we need them most. Since last summer, the blue wall in my living room represents my Big Blue, my inspiration. A little color on the wall easily harbors a lot of inspiration for living.

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Reconstrucion of the game, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

Freedom of choice lies in each one of us. Choose the colors and art pieces which make you feel good, which make you happy whenever you look at them and bring out the best in you.