Art brings positive changes into your home

Home decorating can involve large design projects and significant investments, but an effective solution may also be a detail such fine art print placed in different parts of a room..

How to chose which motifs to put on the wall?

The motifs and themes that you choose for your walls should above all meet one important condition – that you like them.

Maybe it will be photos of the city, abstraction full of color that awakens a special association or drawings of a kitchen detail, which takes you back to your childhood. Choose art that reminds you of dear people, special places, events and great memories.

Find the themes and motifs which bring good emotions in you and remind you of the expectations and goals you aspire and inspire to reach. Keep in mind that if you choose by your own sense of taste you can not make a mistake.

enterijer sobe i radovi: Losos file (Branislav Nikolić), It was in L.A. (Tatjana Koraksić) i Blok 62 (diSTRUKTURA)

How to place selected art?

You can set selected art prints in a variety of ways. Group several small formats and then categorize them in a geometric entity, one above the other or horizontally in a row along the wall.

By selecting one large striking art print you can dominate the entire wall and make a focus point in your home.

Feel free to combine paintings, framed personal photographs (and why not, tapestries) that you already have, with modern art prints of contemporary local authors and thus create your own personal environment that will delight and inspire you throughout the year.

enterijer kuhinje i radovi : Afrika (Katarina Radović) i Začinske boje (Bojana Lukić)