Collection – TRUE LOVE

Inspired by love, we came up with a new collection for our art platform – True Love. It is a tale woven by delicate lyrics and brought to life by three phenomenal, talented designers, who created art prints for your home. Visualized and produced in high quality print, this is a story that celebrates true love – every single day.

Ivana Smolović wrote the lyrics and turned them into song with her bands Ika and On Tour, while three brilliant artists Monika Lang, Aleksandra Jovanić and Sonja Bajić chose those lyrics which suit their sensibility and made them into a visual art. Marija Simeunović is the creative director of the True Love project.

Ivana Smolović writes lyrics inspired by love, whether it has ended or it’s just beginning. It was easy to write the lines chosen for the True Love collection, cause if you ask Ivana how she turned love into  songs, she would simply say – love is a song.

While playing with a melody in her head, she writes love stories everyone can relate to. Ivana says there are many magnificent love songs, but for this occasion she would chose Gruff Rhys’: “I’d never claim you were mine, just if we were words, we would rhyme.” When we asked her what crossed her mind when she saw art works  for True Love collection, she said they reminded her of tenderness, and of posters for the movies full of hugs and tears and kisses, where her songs would play a perfect soundtrack.


Aleksandra Jovanić

Aleksandra Jovanić holds PhD in Digital Arts and BSc in Computer Science. She combines art and science in her everyday research and artistic practice. Aleksandra focuses on interactive and generative art, and art games.

She is the most creative when she has a lot of “serious” work to do, that is when the ideas come to life. Her creative motto is – fail better, and her fictional heroine Wonder Woman. The greatest extravagance for her is that in the winter she can travel to the warm south, and in the summer to the cold north. Aleksandra is a skillful seamstress who loves watching TV series. Paper, scissors and play dough make her happy. When we asked her what music would compliment her work best, she answered – Ika and On Tour, of course.

Monika Lang

Monika Lang has graduated Illustration and Graphic design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and as a freelancer she work mainly for cultural centers and publishing.

Monika choses the word stylization when asked to describe her work. If she weren’t an artist, she would be a veterinarian. The greatest extravagance for her is – house by the ocean. In the next life Monika would like to come back as Alexander Calder, and her favorite fictional character is Sherlock Holmes. She can’t point to only one work of art that changed her life, so beside Alexander Calder she lists Franz Marc, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse…

Traveling and riding a bike along Danube make Monika happy, and she would love if the first association to her work is freshness. She would like to see how the world will look like in a 100 years, at least for a second. When we asked her what music would compliment her work best, she answered – piano music.

Sonja Bajić

Sonja Bajić is an artist who holds MA in Architecture at the La Villett in Paris, and Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

She works as a graphic designer, interior designer and architect. She draw a total design of a cafe which opened a month ago just near the Eiffel Tower. Sonja is the most creative in the middle of the night, when it’s silent and there’s no one around. Her creative motto is – “If you are not busy being born, you are busy dying.” Work of art that changed her life is Ich habe genug by Maira Kalman. Tea, vitamin C, mornings with mom and dad and specially cooked carp always make her happy.

Sonja would like to give one of her art pieces to marketing guru Seth Godin, and if she weren’t an artist, she would like to be Nick Slaughter, detective from a TV show Tropical Heat. If she would reincarnate as an artist, she’d play the harp in the National orchestra of Austria. The greatest extravagance for her are – shiny shoes, and her favorite fictional characters Lord Henry from The Picture of Dorian Gray and Paul Kemp from Rum Diary.

If there should be music playing in the background while you go through her work, it could be Bright Eyes, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Dresden Dolls or Bob Dylan. Sonja loves going to the market on Saturdays, because it is like a world in a miniature. She would love to live in old Rome, cause – you just put on a toga, some gold, and eat grapes!

TRUE LOVE catalogue can be downloaded HERE.