A land from far far away … America

Stay Faraway So Close… The most recognizable city in the whole world, captured when crossing one of the steel coved bridges.

za blog njujork proba

New York, Viktor Šekularac

In the distance, as a mare glimpse of the adored spirit and skyscraping architecture, you can recognize the Chrysler building, that pearl of the epoch which shaped the dreams and accelerated life, arouse hope and burn it to the ground, in turns. Now, almost a century later, generations may have changed, but the dreams and hopes are still the same.

New York always wins, because sometimes, well, it fulfils the given promises.

Way, way down at the South of the continent, you don’t need much to create an ideal scene: a foggy air of the Buenos Aires café, skillful fingers on the keys of a worn-out accordion, the echo of the heels made to move to the eternal dance of love… or sadness, depending on a lover. Santa Maria!

Finally: the looks, ahhh, the empire of looks! Bodies move and sway to the well-known rhythms and harmonies. Tango! So obvious, so common, so essential! Tango – so different every single time…

tango za blog

Tango, Katarina Radović

Some other, far far away America, forever young and attractive for the old European eye, which must cross the planet to find serenity for its soul.